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Mommy Makeover of the Abdomen (Tummy Tuck)

After childbirth with a natural delivery or a caesarean your belly changes in the following weeks.

The belly becomes more flat but is in a more round and convex shape and your waist is still extended. After a certain time you might recognize stretch marks on your belly skin and new fat tissue that stays persistently in undesired areas of your belly and hips.

Your first personal steps to your prebabybody are supposed to reduce weight with a healthy and low-carb diet and to start with a focussed work out of your belly muscles.

In case you have successfully reduced weight and followed your workout but your afterbaby belly hasn´t got into the shape of your prebaby belly or complied with your expectations a surgical procedure might help you.

Your stretch marks can be treated by medical micro-needeling in combination with the "butterfly body treatment", my special designed method for skin tightening with platelet rich plasma.

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