Dr. med. Mariam Omar
Kurfürstendamm 200
10719 Berlin

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Intimate Aesthetic Surgery (Reshaping Labia Minora)

The hypertophy of the labia minora increases in size with aging or after pregnancy, as a change of your "afterbabybody". The enlarged labia minora can bother you not only for aesthetic reason but also for functional reason. It is painful riding a bike, horse riding and in wearing tight jeans. It affects your social life in wearing a bikini and your sex life. In reshaping the labia minora I consider the aesthetic and the functional aspect. I use a technique that gives a natural appearance with invisible scars and keeps the sensitivity in this intimate area fully intact.


Marking in operating theatre.


Incision line is a z-plasty combined with a v-shaped excision, rarely vertical excision.

  • Ausfallzeit: ambulant, 3-5 days, no sex life, riding a bike, horse riding, jogging or sauna visits for 4 weeks.
  • Dauer: 30-70 minutes, depends on the technique.
  • Anästhesie: Under local or general anaesthesia, depends on your personal preference.