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Suture Lifting

Creating a youthful facial appearance

Suture Lifting is a well-experienced minimalinvasiv procedure in aesthetic medicine. It is a highly developed method, in former times with gold sutures, but today with highly innovative concept of self-resolvable sutures. Croma Austria is a well-known company that produces strong sutures for a visible lifting effect. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia, lifts the skin and makes it tighter in the eye area, cheeks, jawline or decollté. When the sutures resolve after 6-12 weeks, the strong collagen that has developed around the suture holds the skin lifted and tight.

How does it work?

The aging process includes a diminished jawline, your face appears in the upper part smaller and in the lower part wider. In terms of aesthetic medicine we talk about the phenomenon turning around the triangle. The suture lifts the lax skin without a scalpel. The face in the lower part and the jawline becomes more defined. The used sutures are very thin but highly resistant on pulling them. They are placed in the deeper dermis structures in certain angles. The sutures hold against gravity. That produces the "lifting effect".

The gathered skin induces collagen type 3 syntheses. That supports a tighter skin, too.

There are many different suture lifting techniques to manage the differently skin qualities in different aging processes. Beginning signs of jowling, moderate skin redundancy of your neck or cheeks or deep wrinkles in the decollté improve by suture treatment. In cases of more advanced aging processes like jowling or double chin a "happy lift" is very effective. The results lasts around 3-5 years. The suture lift complements the volume therapy of hyaluronic acid or can be booster by PRP therapy. It is a compromise if somebody is not fit enough for a face-neck lift surgery due to chronic illness. It does not replace a facelift where the deeper layers are formed and lifted to rejuvenate the facial appearance and skin redundancy is excised.

The lifting is under local anaesthesia and takes around 15-40 min. A fine-tuning of the lifting with more sutures can be applied after 2 weeks. In a PDO Suture Lifting you should take 2 days of from work or social life. The Happy Lift is far more powerful and therefore you might have more swelling or bruising. You should avoid to eat apples, hard bread. Time out in a happy lift is 1 week. You should also avoid sun exposure, sauna and work-outs for 2 weeks. In both cases you should sleep 2 nights on your back.

The costs depend on the region and the amount of sutures. Costs start with 400 Euro. The happy lift lasts 3-5 years and costs 1700 - 2000 Euro.

Regions to treat:

  • Eye: eye brow lift, crow feet
  • Cheeks: jowling,
  • Neck: double chin, stabilise skin under the chin
  • Decollté: deep decollté wrinkles
  • Healed deep acne scars, more effective in combination with PRP

Very lax skin in the face, deep acne scars, infected, pregnant women, patients who tend to develop keloid scars, patients under chemotherapy, large skin redundancy on the face and neck.