Dr. med. Mariam Omar
Kurfürstendamm 200
10719 Berlin

+49 30 / 88 67 64 73

PRP Therapy

PRP is a procedure to improve your skin quality that means fine pores, tight and smooth skin, improved pigmentation irregularities. It stimulates with growth factors on your blood platelets the collagen synthesis. From your blood serum we extract the platelet rich plasma and apply it with a special minimal invasive procedure to your skin in deeper layers. The PRP effect, butterfly effect, is boostert in I adding bioaktive enzymes to this process. Your skin will metamorphose: tightness improves, small wrinkles diminish, pigmentation improves, acne scars improve.

You skin will fresher, healthier with a special glow. I recommend three sessions with an interval from 4-6 weeks. Your time out from social life is about 1-2 days. The procedure is also very helpful to improve striae on the body after pregnancy. Therefore it is a welcome procedure in combination with the Mommy Makeover.