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Breast Reduction


The incision we discussed prior to surgery, marking on the patient in standing position, around the nipple and a vertical line or inverted-T-scar position and marking the new position of the nipples.


First steps are dissection and breast tissue excision. The following steps include to remodel and to lift the breast. The breast tissue complex moves upwards and is fixed with sutures. The inner bra is formed with the non-fatty soft tissue layer (dermis). The excised amount of breast tissue will be weigh and send in for pathology examination.

  • Ausfallzeit: One night hospital stay, 7-14 days, suture removal after 14 days, sports-bra for 6 weeks, no work-out for 6 weeks.
  • Dauer: 3hrs
  • Anästhesie: General anaesthesia