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Face Lift

The aging face is characterized by a tired look, gaunt of the cheeks, sinking of the cheek tissue and jowling. The face lift is supposed to elevate these aging structures to give you a young, fresh and healthy look. The lack of fat tissue can be augmented with a lipofilling procedure. The goal is to look 10 years younger, to have a natural and rejuvenated appearance without non-visible signs of the surgery.


I braid your hair, not cut your hair (!), marking of the incision line in sitting position.


The incision line is individual adapted on your facial shape and the tissue redundancy. It runs close in front of the ear or in the hairline but becomes invisible after the healing process. The deep soft tissue structure, the SMAS (superficial musculo aponeurosis system) will be lifted and sutured. Skin tissue redundancy will be removed in the end of surgery.

  • Ausfallzeit: 2 weeks, pressure garment for 2 weeks day and night.
  • Dauer: 4h
  • Anästhesie: General anaesthesia