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Cosmetic surgery in Berlin - Dr. Omar is advising a patient

Cosmetic surgery in Berlin - Beauty is a way of life

Individual beauty is closely linked to a positive outlook on life. "Beauty is a way of life" means being in harmony and balance with both body and mind. This includes maintaining a balanced lifestyle, having a stable social environment, and finding a good work-life balance. A positive relationship with one's own body is further enhanced through exercise, healthy eating, and regular personal beauty routines. My website aims to provide you with inspiration to embark on your own beautiful way of life.

Here, you will find expert tips, important information about new treatment methods in cosmetic surgery, as well as fitness and food trends. Of course, you will also find details about the services I offer.


Medicine & Beauty at Aesthetic Clinic Dr. Mariam Omar

At Aesthetic Clinic Dr. Mariam Omar, we specialize in a wide range of medical treatments. These include aesthetic facial surgery, breast surgery, and body sculpting using autologous fat therapy or liposuctions (laser lipolysis).

We also offer tightening procedures (abdominoplasty), cryolipolysis (fat freezing), and aesthetic intimate surgery for women. Wrinkle treatment, skin quality therapy (chemical peels, PRP therapy, Butterfly Lift also known as Vampire Lift), and hyperhidrosis treatments are additional areas of focus in our practice.

Areas of Expertise - Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. med. Mariam Omar


Modern Cosmetic Surgery & Pleasant Comfortable Ambience

Diversity of Beauty - Modern Cosmetic Surgery

At Aesthetic Clinic Dr. Mariam Omar, located at Kurfürstendamm 200, we are dedicated to individual beauty and modern cosmetic surgery in a stylish and discreet ambiance. Every treatment is preceded by a personal consultation. The surgical procedures are performed by me in the clinic's state-of-the-art and hygienic-certified operating room.

As a specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery with a solid education and extensive, longstanding international experience, I place great importance on comprehensive consultation and personal communication.


Trends and Developments in Cosmetic Surgery

With the ongoing development of new treatment techniques in cosmetic surgery, aesthetic plastic surgeons constantly embrace new challenges. Continuing education is an integral part of my work to ensure staying up to date.

Gentle and minimally invasive procedures are the result of new developments and trends in cosmetic surgery. You can read about the latest updates and news in the Aesthetic Clinic's blog and news section.

Trends and Developments in Cosmetic Surgery


Optimal Medical Care at Our Clinic in Berlin Charlottenburg

Optimal Medical Care

When examining the reviews of mostly delighted patients of Dr. med. Mariam Omar, one thing stands out:

In addition to being satisfied with the medical aspect of the treatment, patients are also highly content with the personal care provided. Friendly staff and sufficient time for thorough consultations establish a foundation of trust that significantly contributes to patients recommending Aesthetic Clinic and happily returning when needed.

Especially in such a sensitive field as aesthetic surgery, patients desire thorough consultations without feeling rushed and also require the assurance that their desires are respected. Striking the perfect balance between professionalism and warmth is challenging. Dr. med. Mariam Omar and her team excel in uniquely achieving this balance.


Dr. Mariam Omar - Experience as a Cosmetic Surgeon

In order to provide the best possible treatment for my patients, I benefit from a solid education and extensive experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. I completed my medical studies at the Universities of Kiel and Hamburg. During my studies, I gained practical experience through internships in clinics both domestically and internationally, including Switzerland, the USA, Brazil, and Jamaica. This exposure to diverse medical environments has enriched my understanding and skillset in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Experience in Cosmetic Surgery - Dr. med. Mariam Omar


Klinik Dr. med. Mariam Omar - Empfangsbereich


After completing my medical studies in 2000, I worked in England and South Africa for two years during my extensive specialist training. I obtained the specialist certification in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the Department of Plastic, Hand, and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Witten-Herdecke in Cologne, which included working at the severe burn center.

I am also recognized as a specialist in the field in the United Kingdom. As a senior physician, I spent three years at Medical One Berlin and headed the POLIKUM Aesthetics Berlin. I am a member of professional organizations such as the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons (DGPRÄC) and the International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgeons (ISPRES).

Appointments can be scheduled via contact@mariam-omar.de or by phone at +49 (0)30 - 88 67 64 73.