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Mommy Makeover of the Breast

After 9 month of pregnancy and maybe even longer with nursing, with all the positive and exciting effects, there are the negative sides that affect your afterbabybody. You might be desperate to get your prebabybody back.

Changes of your breast after pregnancy

There exist no studies about how many pregnancies it has to take to change your body with great physical effects after pregnancy. Every woman with her body is unique. In some women just one pregnancy has a great physical change in women´s body especially in a twin pregnancy. In other cases the changes are obvious after the 2nd or 3rd pregnancy.

During pregnancy the breast is very firm and round, the breast tissue, contains breast glands and fat tissue, that swell due to the hormone changes. Therefore the skin is stretched over months. In cases of breastfeeding the milk spreads out in the breast gland after childbearing. After nursing or when you haven´t done breastfeeding, the hormones change again and the breast tissue shrinks in size.

In case of nursing the fat tissue of the breast reduces in volume. The process takes about 3-4 month. There are many factors that determine your afterbaby breast shape and firmness. These factors are: your predisposition of the strength of soft tissue, the amount of changing in size of the breast tissue and of course the duration of nursing and numbers of pregnancies, too.

In case these factors lead for you to an afterbaby breast you are not happy with you should think about a mommy makeover of the breast. That transforms your afterbaby breast back into a firm, nicely shaped aesthetic breast that fits to your youthful and aesthetic young body. It gives you your self-confidence and femininity back.


A lot of blogs write about getting your prebaby breast back in taking cold showers, workout and focussed training of your pectoral muscle or diet. The result of training your great breast muscle is a stronger muscle but not and increase in volume of your breast tissue and not an improved skin quality. The form and size of your breast gland (fat and gland tissue) and a tight skin quality gives you the shape and firmness of your breast.

The following procedures can be performed as a single or combined procedure to transform your breast in a prebaby breast shape:


Important to know that you can still breast feed after a breast augmentation. The capability of breast feeding after a mastopexy or a breast reduction is possible.

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