Dr. med. Mariam Omar
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10719 Berlin

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Motivation: The Hyperhydrosis reduces your social and personal life quality
extremely. The body sweats when the body temperature rises. Sweating reduces
your body temperature. That works like an air condition. In case of hyperhidrosis the
air condition is defect that means your body temperature is normal but you still

Goal: The surgical removal of the prespiratory glands reduces your extreme sweat to
normal sweat condition.

Technique: 2-3 small incision of 2-3mm. In tumeszenz technique laser liposuction is
"melting" down the prespiratory glands, a fine cannula suctions the melted fluid.

Time: 30 min

Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia.

Recovery Time: 4-6 days, compression garment for 2 weeks.

What you Have to Consider before and after Surgery
• 5-7 days prior surgery consultation for the final consent
• Lab control: clotting screen, blood screen, renal- and liver function, sodium and
• Not a high alcohol consume, no anti-clotting drugs like aspirin, ginger water, green
tea or Vit B substitutes 2 weeks prior surgery
• Start 3 days before surgery with arnica D12 5 pills 3x daily

• Continue with arnica, bromelain, antibiotic- and anticoagulation to prevent
thrombosis and embolism
• Compression garment for 2 weeks.