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Mommy Makeover for Genital Rejuvenation

It is a very delicate topic but it has an important value in the life of a young mother and her "afterbabybody".

Despite your motherhood your female sexuality and satisfaction is not supposed to stand in the background.

The act of childbirth has a big influence on the genital part of your body. The labia majora stay long-term stretch and keep laxity. The vagina itself might stay distended.

These areas develop only to a limited degree back to normal. With a focussed pelvic floor gymnastic you can lift this overstretched area back to normal and the vagina becomes tight again back to the "prebabybody" form.

Minimal-invasive aesthetic procedures and surgical-aesthetic genital rejuvenation are helpful procedures, too.

Further details of minimal-invasive aesthetic methods like PRP treatment to this special subject we can discuss in a personal consultation. More pieces of information regarding surgery you can find under the topic reshaping the labia minora.