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Neck Lift

A long and slim neck with a defined jawline is one of the most important signs for youth. Therefore in over 90% of the face lifts a neck lifts is performed to give a complete youthful appearance of the face and neck. Aging signs of the neck is a double chin, jowling, tissue redundancy, visible hard ligaments of the platysma. The signs of aging need to be rejuvenated with adequate techniques in order to achieve a youthful neck with a defined jawline and smooth skin.

Liposuction of the Neck (Double Chin)


Marking of the fat pads in standing position.


The removal of both fat pads is performed by liposuction in tumeszenz technique with the Slimlipo Laser. The fat melts to a liquid fluid and is removed with a 2-3mm liposuction cannula. The jawline appears more defined and youthful and the double chin disappears. The 2-3mm incision will not be visible.

  • Ausfallzeit: 2 weeks, pressure garment needs to be worn for 2 weeks day and night.
  • Dauer: 1h
  • Anästhesie: Under local or general anaesthesia.

Neck Lift, Incision Line behind the Ear


The incision line is extended from the face lift incision, running behind the ear and in the hairline.


The skin tissue of the neck will be dissected from the platysma. The anterior part of the SMAS/platysma is moved and fixed by a suture behind the ear on the mastoid. The skin redundancy will be removed.

  • Ausfallzeit: one night in-patient, 2 weeks, suture removal after the 1st and 2nd week. Wearing for two weeks the pressure garment.
  • Dauer: up to 1,5h
  • Anästhesie: General anaesthesia

Neck Lift, Incision Line under the Chin in the Midline (Submental Region)


Incision horizontal 3-5cm long and 2cm behind the inferior chin fold.


Dissection of the vertical ligaments, lifting technique with sutures of the platysma, removal of the fat pads and skin redundancy.

  • Ausfallzeit: one night as an in-patient, 2 weeks wearing of pressure garment on the neck, suture removal after 7-12 days.
  • Dauer: 2h
  • Anästhesie: General anaesthesia