Dr. Mariam Omar | Fadenlifting Berlin


There are some parts of your body you do not like because of resistant adeps tissue. You have already been on a diet or you do your workouts but these areas do not reduce its size. They profit the most of a laser liposuction. It also improves the skin quality after weight loss e.g. your “afterbabybody” or skin with a weak soft tissue like skin with cellulitis.


Marking of the treated areas in standing position.


Tumeszenz technique, incision 3-5mm. Laserliposuction with the Slimlipolaser of Palomar. Suction of the liquid fat fluid to the end of the surgery.


3-7 days, suture removal after 12-14 days, compression garments for 6 weeks, for the neck 2 weeks.


1-3 hours


Under local anaesthesia, general anaesthesia is also possible.

More information is available in this PDF document