There are some parts of your body you do not like because of resistant adeps tissue. You have already been on a diet or you do your workouts but these areas do not reduce its size. They profit the most of a laser liposuction. It also improves the skin quality after weight loss e.g. your “afterbabybody” or skin with a weak soft tissue like skin with cellulitis. 


Marking of the treated areas in standing position.


Tumeszenz technique, incision 3-5mm. Laserliposuction with the Slimlipolaser of Palomar. Suction of the liquid fat fluid to the end of the surgery.

Recovery time 3-7 days, suture removal after 12-14 days, compression garments for 6 weeks, for the neck 2 weeks.

Duration 1-3 hours

Anaesthesia Under local anaesthesia, general anaesthesia is also possible.


There are many ways that lead to Rome. In the same way there exist different kind of techniques to get rid of your body fat including sufficient skin tightening: Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), liposuction (in my clinic laser liposuction) and last but not least to freeze the fat cells (cryoshaping).

For all who suffer of moderate but annoying persistent fat accumulation, who are not keen on going through all surgical efforts and who do not want to wear a compression garment for several weeks, exact for those the minimalinvasive cryolipolisis is the right solution.

It is an elegant bodyshaping to form your body contour by freezing your fat cells. It reduces the amount of fat in the treated area of 25%. Because the Kryoshape is very sufficient the treatment is supposed to be done in one session maximum two sessions.

Have you already had a liposuction and there exist still little areas that have too much fat tissue left like e. g. irregularitiesthe kryoshape can reduce and smooth these parts.

The Kryoshape has many advantages compared to other coolsculpting systems:

  1. The applicators suck the tissue with vacuum pressure and, this is unique, are covered by an aluminium layer. Therefore the freezing in every part of the treated area works equally.
  2. The temperature probeis in the applicator (and not like in other cooling systems in the tank). It controls during the complete session your skin temperature. That makes the procedure safe and keeps the cooling automatically at least of 4°C. Fat cells are effectively freezed only by a temperature of 4°C or below.
  3. The Kryoshape has two applicator arms. Therefore the treatment is parallel, on both sides to the same time like in hip treatment. The price is measured by zone and not by hand shape measurement.
  4. The treatment time is 50-80 minutes. It depends on the amount of fat and the area size.
  5. Many different applicators in size and shape are used for an optimum treatment for area that needs to be treated.
  6. The prices depend on size and zone and start with 600 Euro like  the double chin treatment and max. 900 Euro. E.g. hips cost 800 Euro.

You can get more pieces of information about the topic in my blog under the headline Fettbasaugung (sorry, only in german available)