The fat pads that become visible when you wear body hhugging clothes are often resistant to sport or a low carb diet. But a surgical intervention would not justify the small amount of fat.

Therefore exist alternatives to liposuction:

  1. Cryolipolysis, freezing fat, we treat with the Kryoshape in my clinic.
  2. Injection lipolysis

1. There are many different machines for cryolipolysis on the market. Kryoshape has different applicators that fit to different parts of your body. It starts the cooling when the fat tissue is perfectly sucked in the applicator by the vaccuum. Your body reduces the freezed fat tissue within the following three months. The amount is about 25-30% of the freezed fat tissue. Other advantages: no pain, no time out from work or training, no pressure garment!

Safety: The skin is protected by special sheets. Only the fat and not the skin is freezed.

Time Saving: Dual System! It works with two applicators to the same time, e.g. hips can be treated within 1 hour.

Result: The Kryoshape has applicators that are aluminium covered. In consequence the cooling takes place in the whole tissue not only in between the skin folds.

Exact treatment: With the wide range of applicators plus the aluminium cover we are able to freeze exactly the tissue that bothers you.

Price Advantage: The price depends on the size of the surface. One zone starts with 600 euro like the double chin. Hips both sides costs 800 Euro.

2. Injection lipolysis

Small areas, that are even too small for the cryolipolisis are very sufficient and painless to melt down adipose tissue. Patience is required, due to the fact that the fat starts to resolve 4-6 injection. The optimum results is recieved after 2-3 sessions. The time gap between the sessions are four to six weeks. It is very effective after liposuction when little bumps are left.