Dr. Mariam Omar | Fadenlifting Berlin

Aesthetic Medicine

Wrinkles of the face and on the neck give us an old and tired expression. But this is only a short part of the story. With aging the skin is loosing elasticity and volume especially n the midface. The facial bony structure is loosing volume, either. These are all anatomical processes of the aging face. But there exist minimal invasive procedures to counteract this aging process. The goal is to rejuvenate your face without a scalpel to a fresher and younger look. In the following text I explain different modalities of minimal invasive procedures:

Static wrinkles: Reasons for static wrinkles are volume loss of the subcutaneous tissue, reduced elasticity of the collagen fibers of the soft tissue and reduction of the bone substace.


a)  Hyaluronic acid to fill the wrinkles around the nasolabial fold and rebuilt the cheekbone, cheek and jowls and also the tear trough.

b)  PRP therapy (platelet rich plasma therapy), Butterfly Lift, ta powerful treatment to re-activate the collagen synthesis. It dramatically improves your skin quality and elasticity. It increases the volume of your soft tissue and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. It is also a very good prevention for aging processes of your skin. It even improves scar tissue in the face e.g. acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

c)   Ellanse: Biodynamic filler. One of the latest inventions. It has the filler effect of the hyaluronic acid, because it applies volume but also stimulates the collagen synthesis. It is one of the best solutions to diminish wrinkles on the neck and decollte

d)  Lipofilling: The therapy of fat therapy has the advantage that it corrects wrinkles but also improves the skin quality. The fat tissue contains stem cells that stimulate the collagen synthesis. The volume of the fat cells acts like a filler.

Under local anaesthesia and in tumeszenz technique I perform the liposuction with a special designed cannula. In the next step the fat is separated from oily and tumeszenz fluid. The wrinkle is injected with fat with a very fine cannula. The wrinkle has to be overcorrected because the fat is reducing its volume during the healing process. Therefore after 6 months there might be a touch up necessary.

In most cases lipofilling is performed in combination with a face lift.  But also after liposuction with irregularities is lipofilling very suitable to correct the skin surface.

Mimic wrinkles:

The activity of the mimic muscles cause deep wrinkles of the forehead or crow feet. The gold standard is here botulinum toxin A. With an appropriate dosage it weakens the mimic muscles and the skin has a chance for regeneration.

Skin Quality:

a)  Peeling: For mixed skin, big pores and spots. The skin quality has an increased laxity and pigmentation irregularities. I use the chemical peeling products from Alleas. The products are designed for every skin type and neutralize by themselves. A skin with fine pores and a refreshed look with regular pigmentation is the result. The peeling is supposed to be applied in 3 sessions after every 3rd week to receive the maximum effect.

b)  PRP (platelet rich plasma), Butterfly Lift: It is a procedure to improve your skin quality (that mean to improve the skin elasticity, fine pores and regular pigmentation). It contains special growth factors that stimulate the collagen synthesis.

Blood is taken from you and in the next step I prepare the blood to a special form of plasma, the PRP. In a minimal invasive procedure I will work the PRP in deeper skin layers. Finally I apply special products on your skin to boost the PRP effect. I recommend 3 sessions, each after 4-6 weeks. The butterlfly effect is a tighter skin with a glowing and vital look. Pigmentation irregularities improve, it diminishes fine wrinkles and produces soft skin and fine pores.

c) Hair PRP Therapy

Men and females suffer under hair loss. There are different reasons for losing hair like a hormone imbalance, genetic reason, virus infections or autoimmune diseases and a ponytail hairstyle, too. The PRP stimulates the hair follicles to produce hair with an even stronger, thicker  quality . The growth factors of the PRP activate the “silent “ follicles”. You need patience to see an effect, depending on the hair length, up to 6 month. The procedure is supposed to be repeated for 3-4 times, each after 6 weeks.