Dr. Mariam Omar | Fettabsaugung Berlin


„You Are What You Eat“

An old true expression. You should try to follow a balanced diet in order to develop a feeling for yourself what your body really needs. I recommend regional and seasonal food on a daily base, so called slow-food.

It has short distances of transport and guarantees freshness and quality of the products. This leads to a better digestion of minerals and vitamins. Another advantage of slow- food is a low histamine level.

A high level of histamine can lead to headaches, itching of the skin, heartburn or tiredness. The rule is: As fresher the products as lower the histamine level. Look for a balanced diet of a vegetable origin in carbohydrates, proteins and fat.


are sugar of vegetable origin. There exist single, double and multiple sugar forms. Multiple sugar forms are dietary fibers and cannot be digested by the gastrointestinal system. The body can produce fast energy from single and double sugar forms.


Proteins consist of cross-linked amino acids. There are essentials and non-essential amino acids. The essential amino acids can only be delivered by nutrition. There exist no cells in our body, that don´t contain amino acids. Proteins are our fundamental substances of muscles, soft tissue, cartilage and bone. Hair and skin and are involved in many metabolic processes, too.


Fat is the energy carrier of our body system. It has the highest content of energy 9kcal/g and is the best flavour carrier. Fat of vegetable origin is far more healthier than fat of animal origin. Fishes that live in a very deep water like salmon, mackerel, swordfish, herring or tuna are making an exception. They contain a high level of omega-3 fatty acids, so called vitamin F, an essential fat. But swordfish and tuna contain a high level of quicksilver, too.

Therefore vegetable fat is always more healthier like linseed oil, chiaoil, or walnut oil. Another positive side effect is that omega-3 fatty acids reduce the homocysteine level. The level correlates with heart and vascular system disorders. For Example the traditional mediterranean kitchen reduces that, too.

In the last years the research of phytamine has made a great advance. The secondary vegetable substances have no value in nutrition but have very healthy side effects. Both sides are very important: the way of preparation and the quality (climate and harvest time). Furthermore a healthy diet leads to a healthy intestinal flora.

This supports an optimal digestion and a higher effect of the phytamines. In the list below you find more pieces of information and some nutrition advices and restaurant recommendations.