Dr. Mariam Omar | Faltenunterspritzung Berlin


Mixed Martial Arts is a mixture of different sorts of martial arts combined to a special training. Only some sorts of elements that are effective for the training are introduced in the work out. So you need no previous knowledge to start with. It is a fully bodywork out.

WOD – Workout of the Day
It is the classic workout of the pure functional training. The trainer creates with certain tools and equipment the training of the day. It includes the TRX; ViPr, ropes, kettlebells, hex-weights, lyo-boxes, sandbags, core-plate, dynamax-balls etc. He can create a variety of workout that is highly sufficient. This work out never gets boring!

Kettlebells Workout
The favourite of the USA. The functional full bodywork out with the kettlebell is characterized by a great variety of exercises. The dynamic and complex exercise trains strength, rapidness but also endurance and concentration. The whole kinesiology chain is demanded and therefore ideal to train sport specific for golf, tennis, basketball, marathon etc.

Ready for the Day
You can believe me – as fit as you will be after this kind of training you won´t feel in a long time. Similar like the work out of the day you train with different tools and equipment and your own body weight. A various, intense and effective workout

Ropes & Rings
It is a new work out with a “Battle –Rope”, climbing rope and rings. You revitalise “unknown” muscles. Target training for shoulders, back and abdomen, but also for leg muscles. This workout is a new challenge for you and gives you new physical feeling.

Rock your Body
This training forms your body in working with your own body weight, kettlebells, sandbags, TRX & co. Build up as a circle training or intermediate training and your entire body will be trained in a balanced but effective way. Let´s rock your body!

Ready for Beach
That´s for sure – next summer will come- and you have to get even with yourself at the beach. Within this training we get you closer to the summer-beach-sand-dream body. So you will have your glamorous catwalk on the beach.  Defined work out for the trunk and your six-pack is the foundation.

There are so many yoga studios in every city and at least so many different forms of yoga. Sometimes even the health insurance pay for your yoga class. Take a trial lesson and find out for yourself which yoga form suits you best. Here are some examples:

In 36-39°C room temperature 26 different postures over 90 minutes are exercised. It is a perfect exercise for your blood circulation and back strength. It strengthens your body and calms your mind. Side effect: detox of your body and soul. Because of the excessive sweating you get a smooth skin for free! It is a very helpful exercise in case of weight loss, regeneration after sport injuries, for asthma and depression.

It is the origin of a strong asana practice as the main element of the class. Next to it, other elements play an important role like meditation, singing of mantra (chanting), and the study of old textes.