Dr. Mariam Omar | Faltenunterspritzung Berlin


„My body is my castle“

The summer is ending and autum almost has arrived. This is a good reason to go out and enjoy the last days of summer. Especially, when seasons are changing you should take care for your personal fitness. Medical studies proved that healing and regenerating processes combined with exercise therapies are faster and even better.

Your personal trainer is able to develop an individual and special work out for you.

Try to set your personal goal and be patient to achieve it. There are many different sport disciplines, techniques and tools, that are explained in the following text. With age the metabolism and regenerating processes become slower. You need to consider this in your training plan.

The body shows a delayed muscle growth. At the age 40+ you won´t get the bulky muscles like with 20 years of age. Therefore the training intensity is supposed to increase slowly. The muscles need their time in the non-training period to regenerate.

An overload of muscle activity has the consequence of brace but also exhausted muscles. Aching muscles are caused by lactat acidose of the muscle fibers. The success of training takes more time but it is supportive to reduce your weight on a long-term base. Important is not to lose your goal out of sight, to live “a beautiful way of live”. Enjoy your training! You should not suffer but take it as a positive sense of life.