Dr. Mariam Omar | Fadenlifting Berlin

Wellness Spots

Small city oasis: Spa visit in Berlin Hotel Intercontinental
New renovated Spa with swimming pool, saunas and quiet areas, Sarah Schäfer Kosmetik is next door

Hotel de Rome
The swimming pool is an old bank vault

Hotel Waldorf Astoria
New hotel in town with a wonderful Spa

Ono Spa in Berlin Mitte
Offers a day spa program

Spa Day at Home!
“Hydro Active Mineral Salts” and “Stress Relief Treatment Oil” von Dermalogica transforms your bathroom into your personal Spa. These special salts can be used bath salt or with oil as a scrub. The oil can be used as a bath oil or for skin oil.

Detox your soul!
Quigong-Breathing Energy Booster: Close your eyes, tongue behind your front teeth, take a deep breath and imagine how fresh energy flows through your body. Exhale, tongue behind your lower front teeth and feel how the stress leaves your body. Wave the stress away!