Dr. Mariam Omar | Fadenlifting Berlin


Hair and Face


PRP Therapy

PRP means platelet rich plasma. Originally, it was used in burns surgery and reconstructive surgery. It is a therapy that stimulates the hair growth in areas on the scalp where the hair follicles are still alive. The system of Regenlab is the only product that is licensed for Germany and is used at my clinics (POLIKUM and LaDerma verlinken!). I take blood from you, centrifuge and extract it from your own plasma.

The PRP is injected immediately on your scalp. Combined with micro-needeling the effect of hair growth and stronger hair is even better. The procedure needs to be repeated 3-4 times in a period of 4-6 weeks to see the best results after 6 month.


This procedure removes controlled and carefully the superficial dead skin cells with a small diamond crystal. The skin absorbs the products even better after the treatment. The result is a fresh and healthy looking skin with less hyperpigmented spots.

Lymphatic Drainage
This treatment with little suction cups under vacuum pressure reduces swelling in the face or redness of the skin e.g puffy eyes or inflammatory spots. It makes tired eyes awake, inflammatory spots disappear. It is a reliable method in postoperative care for swelling reduction after blepharoplasties, facelifts or liposuction.

Anti-Aging: Meso-Impuls-Therapie
The secret of the VIP´s on the red carpet. Before the procedure the cosmetician applies the special designed serums for the face. The electric, impulse individually adjusted, works the serums into the deep skin layers oft he face. It has a lymphatic drainage effect, removes fine skin lines for a short period of time (around 7 days) and the skin appears tight and fresh.


Hot Chocolate Wellness Massage
Hmmm, delicious, wellness massage with warm cacao oil!

Hot Stone Massage
Massage with an intense deep effect on the soft tissue and muscles. Adequate pressure and massaging with hot stones softens the hard and tired muscles.