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African Red Tea Self Heating Body Soufflee from Ole Henriksen,
This superb soufflé gives you a warm heat and smoothes your skin.

Mountain Blossoms Honey Body Milk & Bath Milk from Just Pure. from Just Pure
You can use it as a bath essence or as a body lotion.

Warming Eucalyptus and Ginger Scrub from Molton Brown
A peeling with sea salt. It softens the skin and warming muscles and soft tissue. The skin becomes very soft. Molton Brown offers additionally a matching bath and shower gel

Cellulite Crème

There are many products on the market. Fact is, rills and pockets of orange-peel skin are the reason of a weak soft tissue that is determined of genetic conditions. The crèmes have only a short-term effect. My recommendation is: Body Lift Cellulite Control from Clarins, suitable for every stage of cellulite, just try it! A liposuction can improve the rills and orange-peel skin. After the liposuction during time of the healing period, that takes a few months, strong soft tissue replaces fat tissue and weak collagen fibers. Especially supported by the new SlimLipo Laser(verlinken). The laser-assisted liposuction stimulates the collagen fibers. The tissue develops stronger collagen fibers, the skin gets more even, rills level out. The shape and cellulite improves, too.


Vitamin C belongs with vitamin A, E and selenium and zinc to the group of antioxidants. They bind the damaging oxygen radicals of the skin caused by environmental influences and sun damage. Antioxidant supports the skin cell regeneration. The concentration dosage in serums is higher than in crèmes. The serum comes under the day crème and provides the skin a whole day with active agents.

Vitamin Cremes:

  • Declare Vital Balance Face Cream www.declare-beauty.com,
  • Acne Retinol Complex with Vitamin E and Retinol, www.alyria-med.com
  • Quiet expensive but very effective are the serums and crèmes from www.skinceuticals.de


  • Sublimage Serum Essential Regenerating Concentrate From Chanel cosmetics available at KaDeWe erhältlich
  • •Skin Ceuticals Phyto Corrective www.skinceuticals.de
  • Multi Correction Night Serum, retinol and peptides as substitutes www.alyria-med.com

Not every skin care suits to every skin type! Cremes pass only the superficial skin layers. Deeper wrinkles, hollow cheeks or tired looking eyes need to be treated by hyaluronic acid treatment, a biostimulater like Elance or fat transfer so called „lipofilling“. In some cases surgery is required.  Botulinumtoxin A prevents the development of new wrinkles or stops progression of wrinkles. The skin gets smoother and you have a fresh and relaxed appearance.

For skin from age 35 and older or a dry skin type during the winter season the skin needs retinol-containing crème. With a very dry skin type it is wise to use a creme with a combination of sun protection, antioxidants and panthenol. The topic treatment combined with microdermabrasion or jet peel removes the old skin scales. Additionally, a chemical peeling improves the skin quality and the skin pores shrink.

The skin can absorb perfectly the creme and serum substitutes. For skin with sun-damage signs the AHA-crème are very supportive in stimulating the cell regeneration. Even for skin with acne problems or hyperpigmentation. It reduces the inflammatory spots and bleaches dark spots.


  • Neo Strata 15 AHA, Creme plus
  • AHA Effects, von Dermascence

For skin from age 50 and older the cosmetic industry developed special products:

Für trockene, sensible und auch reife Haut geeignet:

  • Creme No. 5 from Maria Galland
  • Cold Cream von Maria Galland, available at Sarah Schäfer Kosmetik or www.maria-galland.de
  • Capture Line from Dior is very rich and refreshing for ripe beautiful skin, www.dior.com
  • Thermomodellage of Maria Galland, this is the Porsche of facial masks! The mask is self-heating up to 40°C, the skin pores open and detox. The enriching substitutes of the mask are carried into the deep skin layers. The skin regenerates in a short time. Only available in Berlin at Sarah Schäfer Kosmetiks.

But anyway, you should take care for your skin in consulting your cosmetician on a regular base. Skin cleaning, lymphatic drainage, mesotherapy with a rich facial mask are important preconditions for a fresh and healthy skin appearance and a daily skin care.

Face Crème for men

The skin of the face in men is thicker and has bigger oily pores. Facial crèmes are especially designed for these conditions. Stiftung Warentest has tested in may 2008, 15 facial crèmes for men. The winner are the crèmes from Florena and Nivea. They moisturise the skin, products have a nice smooth texture but not oily. Test quality result: good, 2,0. A 50ml product size costs 5,40 euro (Florena) or 8,50 Euro (Nivea). Although the test result was quiet poor, a favourite in men facial is shiseido for men www.shiseido.de.

Not Only Men….


Stiftung Warentest has tested products against hair loss in a study in 2003. The study showed that only two products had a real effect on hair loss. Until today these are the market leading products: Finasterid and Minoxidil.

Finasterid is an indirect solution for the hair roots. It stops the “5-alpha-reduction”-an enzyme that modulates testosterone in DHT. The body produces less of the inconvenient sex hormone. The hair follicles stay strong but still sensitive. Usage comes in pills.

Reagine with the substitute Minoxidil, stops the hair loss directly. It is a solution to massage on the scalp