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Detox Your Body and Soul!

Finally the winter is over and springtime starts! Take your “beauty time out” with a muscle relaxing massage. A body scrub and a facial peeling help to detox and boost your immune system. The body treatment reduces temporarily cellulitis and prepares your skin for the first rays of sunlight. The skirts getting shorter and you want to feel comfortable in your spring fashion outfits. Additionally a recovering sleep provides you a healthy skin quality and gives you a refreshed motivated appearance for the next day.


With the change of the seasons your skin changes, too. The dried out winter skin needs special care to get ready for summer. Hormon Cremes from MSK (readmy Blog) are the optimum care to prepare your skin for the sunny days. Furthermore vitamine cremes acts like a skin booster.

The hormone cremes help to re-vitaliize your skin from inside to outside. They are bsed on nano-technology and acts only within the skin barrier. The “Repair me” creme includes retinol hormones that is a active support for natural skin resurfacing.

They are an excellent nourishment for the skin like vitamin e.g. A, C, E, B6, B3 and panthenol. It is important to give your skin an optimum of preparation for the new season. A body wrap or peeling refreshes your skin to be able to absorb all the nourishing products. A JetPeel removes the old dry epidermis cells from the face and hands.

It gives you a very smooth, youthful skin quality. My co-operation partner Dr. Michael Schmidt-Kulbe applies this excellent therapy combined North Sea salt water from Sylt with a vitamin cocktail for your skin. Unfortunately, a healthy vitamin enriched diet won´t provide your skin with vitamins and other needed ingredients in a highly concentrated dosage.

Therefore anti-aging crème, especially designed for age and skin type were developed to fill this lack. More pieces of information you can read in “Products”.

They have no parabenes and expire after 6 month. You can order the products be email or call my clinic.

PRP Treatment

To imrprove significantly your skin quality the best is to start with a platelet rich plasma therapy. I combine it with microneedeling to create channels to infiltrate the PRP with its growth factors.The cycle I recommend is three times after four to six weeks. It induces collagen synthesis and makes fine pores. Your skin appears tighter and smoother, more youthful and softer, fine wrinkles dissapears (e.g. upper lip wrinkles). I combine it addiotionally with bio-enzymes and I call it therefore “Buttefly Lift”.


The hair is holy for men. Loosing hair is often genetically determined due to hormone processes. Sudden hair loss is often a reason for thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune processes or sometimes after a viral infection.

It affects man and woman in both ways. The androgenetic hair loss in men has its origin in producing of the testosterone, the di-hydrotestosteron (DHT). It weakens the hair root and causes hair loss.

The most effective products against hair loss you can read in “Products”. Another alternative for treating hair loss for both sexes is the PRP (platelet enriched plasma) therapy.

The process of the Regenlab system is designed for this therapy. It isolates the thrombocytes from the red blood cells and plasma, the concentrate is injected in zones of less, thin and tiny hairs. The platelets have growth factors that stimulate the hair follicles and let the hair grow even thicker and stronger than before. Read more in “Products”.



“A beautiful mind makes a beautiful women!”

Tanja zu Waldeck, Business Women

Detox your soul. The poisons are anger, frustration, stressful partnerships, selfreproach.

Close your eyes and think about your last walk on the beach for a few minutes or about an incredible beautiful sunset on your last holiday. It releases endorphins and you feel a little moment of happiness. And do not forget to breathe! Take a full deep breath, it helps when sometimes everything is too much, to get back a clear mind .